Remarks at the Faculty meeting at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, 9/27/2021

Fernando M. Reimers

Hiayan Hua was born in Wuhan, China, 67 years ago. He grew up in a two-room apartment that had no bathroom or kitchen, with this parents and two siblings. Growing up Haiyan and his…

Remarks at HGSE graduation 2021 for international students

May 26, 2021

Good morning, it’s such a pleasure to see so many of you who I’ve had the pleasure to teach this year, and others of you who I am just meeting for the first time.

I am so glad to…

Remarks at 2021 Commencement ceremony of graduates of the International Education Policy Program. May 27, 2021

Congratulations to all of you who are graduating from the International Education Policy Program. I share your joy today, mindful of the significance of this moment in your lives and in your profession. …

and why educators can’t remain indifferent

Fernando M. Reimers

I was saddened and pained as I watched on television the assault on the Capitol of the United States by a group of zealots who sought to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power on which this democracy depends. As an immigrant…

Where are 60 million teachers twenty four years later?

A meditation on World Teachers’ Day

Fernando Reimers and Eleonora Villegas-Reimers

Twenty-four years ago, we published an article titled ‘Where are 60 million teachers? The missing voice in education reforms around the world.’ The article was published in UNESCO’s journal Prospects in several languages and disseminated widely. Eleonora had been a school-teacher in Venezuela, had done…

Fernando M. Reimers

It is important for students to see that what they learn in school helps them make sense of the world outside of school; this applies to a range of areas, whether it is understanding trade and economics, understanding science and technology, or understanding government and social studies.

Delivered at UNESCO 40th General Conference. High Level Meeting on Higher Education.

Fernando M. Reimers

November 13, 2019

Thank you very much Director General Audrey Azoulay and Assistant Director General for Education Stefania Giannini, for the invitation to share a few thoughts at this important meeting and thank you all…

Reflections on the 40th General Conference of Ministers of Education

Fernando M. Reimers

Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice of International Education

Harvard University

The United Nations Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) was founded to advance a powerful idea, the idea that education is a Universal Human Right. Expressed in…

Fernando M. Reimers

Another hate attack, this time in San Diego, as members of the Congregation Chabad in Poway, California, prepared to participate in a memorial service on the last day of Passover, reminds us of the lethal consequences of antisemitism and other forms of hatred. This time, the alleged…

Fernando M. Reimers

On Easter Sunday, 290 people were murdered and 500 wounded in Sri Lanka by radical suicide bombers. The assassins targeted many of their victims in three Catholic Churches as they celebrated the holy day. While the investigation on the motives for the attacks is ongoing, they appear…

Fernando M. Reimers

Expert in Global Education, researching and teaching how to educate children and youth so they can thrive in complex and fluid times.

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